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  • Tax Depreciation
    Do you have a tax depreciation schedule for your investment property? Our fee is a tax-deductible expense! Call us for a quote – 07 3103 3982
  • Property Insurance
    An accurate property insurance report will save you in the long term. Call us for a quote – 07 3103 3982
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    Sinking Fund Forecasts
    Are your sinking fund contributions too high? Get a sinking fund forecast done and have your contributions updated.
  • sinkingfundsolutions.com.au
    Tax Depreciation
    Do you own an investment property? Then you are eligible for tax depreciation. Call us for more information – 07 3103 3982
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SF Property Solutions is a Quantity Surveying company focused on servicing the Queensland property industry. SF Property Solutions will provide quality reports, analysis and advice for your investment. Our customised approach allows us to provide a report that is individually tailored to suit your building or complex. The added expertise in project building ensures multiple options and variable solutions are available at all times.

SF Property Solutions was on the ball! I called and said I needed my depreciation done before my tenants arrived the following Monday. One of their Quantity Surveyors arrived the next day to inspect the property. I had the report shortly after that. Phenomenal!

Sue, Developer