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Tax Depreciation – How much can I expect to claim?

Tax depreciation is money that is available to all property Investor’s with an ‘income producing’ asset. The depreciation benefits differ greatly depending on the type of building, its age, use and fit-out. Several scenario’s representing the returns from a depreciation schedule are represented in the table below. You can see how much investors are entitled to through use of a tax depreciation schedule. The figures b
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Tax Depreciation #3 – Is my property too old?

A common misconception of property depreciation is in relation to age of the investment property. Although it is true that the age of the property does affect tax depreciation, there is always something to be claimed in the property. Going back to basics for a moment, the main component of tax depreciation is the capital works allowance. This element is claimed over a 40 year period. So if your property was construct
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Tax Depreciation #2 – The Process

Tax Depreciation is a great way to maximise your property investment. But how does depreciation work and how are the entitlements determined? The tax depreciation ‘system’ derives value from two different components in your investment property. This value is then claimed against your taxable income. The first, and main component is the capital works (Division 43) allowance. This is generally the largest component of
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Tax Depreciation – The Article

As the owner of an investment property you can claim depreciation on your asset and get a reduction in taxable income. These depreciation deductions should be a regular occurrence amongst property Investors. Commonly it seems Investors are not making the most of this tax break, many unaware of the potential savings accessible to them. Regardless of the age of the property there will be a depreciable component that yo
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Tax Depreciation #1 – The Basics

Tax depreciation is a commonly overlooked aspect of property investment. In many cases the Investor may be missing out on more than $10,000 per annum in tax breaks. So what is tax depreciation? And how can you make the most of your investment? Very simply, tax depreciation is a tax concession for property investors. The process involves offsetting the depreciating physical value of your investment against your taxabl
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