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Strata Services

There are strict guidelines for Body Corporate management in Queensland. These guidelines are called the ‘Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997’. This legislation dictates that Body Corporate must employ an appropriately qualified professional to provide a sinking fund forecast, and property insurance report for the complex.

Quantity Surveyors are the main provider of these reports. As professionals trained in construction and property, we have the expertise to provide our Clients with the required information to the highest standards.

Sinking Fund Forecast

SF Property Solutions are specialists in providing sinking fund compliance reports for Body Corporates in Queensland.

Under Queensland legislation Body Corporate must maintain a sinking fund for upkeep of the property. A sinking fund forecast is the report that outlines costs the building will most likely encounter, and subsequent sinking fund contributions. This sinking fund forecast must be updated every 10 years.

SF Property Solutions has more than forty years industry experience. Our sinking fund forecast will provide Body Corporate with an accurate prediction of costs. An accurate sinking fund forecast will save costs in the long run.

Property Insurance

Property Insurance, as the name suggests is insurance related to your property. The correct name for this is an insurance reinstatement cost assessment. In other words, how much your building will cost to rebuild, as is, in the event it is destroyed.

An accurate property insurance report will ensure you are covering the actual cost of your building. This will ensure you are not over-insuring, OR, under-insuring your property.

SF Property Solutions will provide quality forecast reports and costing analysis for a 5-20-year period. Our customised approach allows us to provide a report that is individually tailored to suit your building or complex. The added expertise in project building ensures multiple options and variable solutions are available at all times.