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Tax Depreciation – How much can I expect to claim?

Tax depreciation is money that is available to all property Investor’s with an ‘income producing’ asset. The depreciation benefits differ greatly depending on the type of building, its age, use and fit-out.

Several scenario’s representing the returns from a depreciation schedule are represented in the table below. You can see how much investors are entitled to through use of a tax depreciation schedule.

The figures below have been derived using the diminishing value method of depreciation:

 What can I expect to claim?Example Returns from a Depreciation Schedule

As can be seen in the table, different types of building will attract different depreciation. Units for example are able to claim a portion of the common areas of the building. Thus, units generally attract higher depreciation. It is important to talk to a Quantity Surveyor regarding what can be claimed for your individual situation.

SF Property Solutions Pty Ltd is able to provide property investors a schedule of depreciable assets at a fixed fee cost. This fee is a tax deductable expense and is able to be claimed in full in the year in which it is incurred. Furthermore, the report does not need to be updated or reproduced, and is valid for the full term of depreciation (up to forty years).

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